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Which is the best FIFA game ever released?

Since the beginning of gaming competition has been the main focus for many players. Combining the beloved world of football and gaming has because of this been an instrumental part of the gaming industry. The first football based game was released way back in 1978 with the not so successful Fussbal.

A lot of companies competed in making the best football game for years but it all changed in 1993 with the release of FIFA International Soccer. The first iteration of EA Sports classic series. With the exception of a little competition from Konami and their Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA has been the main game for football fans across the world. Many actually claim that the game of FIFA is the best a man can get.


Jegerhaakon  Jegerhaakon

The game has seen a yearly update ever since its inception with a total of 28 games and 11 spinoffs. But which game is the best? Speaking in a sense of graphics and the ability of the computer controlled players it is hard to give an objective answer without naming the latest iterations. But FIFA is so much more than just fancy graphics. The feel of the games is what is most important. A lot of people have different opinions on what the best FIFA actually is. We got in touch with some of our favorite FIFA profiles so they can answer which FIFA is the best a man can get.

—I think FIFA 15 is the best, because the gameplay and players were fun and easy. There were so many «sweaty» players in Ultimate Team, which made the game fun without having to spend a lot of money to open packs. FIFA 15 is nostalgia. My favorite memory from FIFA is late night pro clubs with my friends. Staying up until 4am, laughing. The Pro Clubs feature has not been updated for so many years, which is a shame, because the game mode has a lot of potential.


DaniChrois  DaniChrois

—FIFA 19, because of the flow in the game and Skillgap. My best memory is the eDerby in the eSuperliga FIFA 19 when i was playing for Brøndby against FCK



—My favorite has to be one of the early FIFAs (06-09) where career was the mode you

played the most and you didn’t have to worry about playing meta formations/players and just played for fun. One save I remember specifically is when I took over Malmö FF and ten years later in the game it was one of the biggest clubs in the world.

—I’ve played FIFA since FIFA 05 so I have plenty of good memories but the greatest one has to be when I packed CR7 Team of the year FIFA 19. That feeling when you see the blue flares and the Portugese flag comes up and you realise that he is the only TOTY Portugese. I was sitting on my knees, screaming and crying. 

Simply the best a man can get!


Fredrikreinholt   Fredrikreinholt

—My favourite FIFA game of all time is FIFA 19. The reason behind this choice is simple! The amount of crazy goals, fast-pace gameplay and unpredictability was something else.

—My best memory is by far the excitement that came with the new FIFA-release every single year as a kid. To be fair, the excitement has not changed since the first time i picked up the game! 


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