Karabacak on winning the Danish group: "Feels really nice" | Streamer Showdown
Mehmet Karabacak

Karabacak on winning the Danish group: "Feels really nice"

The third week of Streamer Showdown has come to an end as the Danish group played out yesterday. Mehmet “Karabacak” Karabacak won all of his games and finished on top of the table.

– It feels really nice to end up as number 1 in the group, Karabacak says.

– It was a group consisting of really good players like Hoegh, ThePokerlad and Chrois, where I personally think that everyone played well.

Since Karabacak mostly plays in FUT, and Streamer Showdown is played in 90-rated mode, the winner was a bit unsure of what to expect of his own performance going into the group stage.

– I don’t quite know if I expected to advance to the playoffs as we played with 90-rated teams in a completely different game mode that we have not played this year. On the other hand, the same rule applied to my opponents, he says.

Winning the group has however boosted his confidence.

– I feel a certain confidence after yesterday’s matches. 90-rated mode is very different from FUT, which I play daily. However, I have a really good feeling and easily think that I can go all the way.

Which players do you think will prove the biggest challenge in the playoffs?

– To be honest, I have not heard of any of the names from the other countries. I have read the two previous winning articles where the winners really have a high level of self-confidence. There must surely be some good ones out there.

Do you have anything you want to say to your supporters?

–  I would say that I am simply participating in the tournament to give some “content” back to my viewers. Without a community, you are nothing. That is why I want to thank them many times for their massive support yesterday.

Oliver “Høegh” Høegh finished second in the group and will be joining Karabacak in the playoffs. Next week we will find out who the last two players in the playoffs will be as the Finnish group will be settled.

The Finnish players will battle it out on 3rd of June and you watch the games through the participant’s point-of-view on their personal Twitch channels. Every participant will stream all of their games in their entirety and you will find links to every participant’s Twitch channels here.

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