Karabacak is your Streamer Showdown champion: "Had a really good feeling" | Streamer Showdown
Mehmet Karabacak

Karabacak is your Streamer Showdown champion: "Had a really good feeling"

After six weeks of ferocious battle Mehmet “Karabacak” Karabacak has been crowned the champion of Streamer Showdown. The Danish professional defeated Finnish hope Aleksi “AlluTuplaPisteD” Airamaa in the semi finals and then went on to defeat the Norwegian player Fredrik “fredrikreinholt” Reinholt in the grand final.

– It feels really nice to be the champion of Streamer Showdown, Karabacak says after his tournament win.

– Although I haven’t played 90-mode before until this tournament, I feel I did really well and beat some good opponents during the tournament.

In the grand finals Karabacak got off to a good start after winning the first leg 1-0 after a somewhat cheesy goal scored by Christiano Ronaldo.

– Yes, the first goal was a bit cheesy, but it should be a goal no matter what. It got deflected by an AI, which my opponent didn’t even control, Karabacak says.

In the second game Karabacak scored an early goal which boosted his confidence for the remainder of the final.

– I have to be honest. After I scored that goal, I was like 80% sure that I would win the tournament. I had a really good feeling and the momentum was there as well.

After the win Karaback celebrated with fans on his Twitch stream. The win also made Karabacak 13 337 SEK richer.

How will you spend the prize money?

– I think I will take my family out for some good steak in Copenhagen. I will just put the rest in the bank, Karabacak says.

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