Cactufee finish on top of the Swedish group: “My eyes are set on the first place” | Streamer Showdown

Cactufee finish on top of the Swedish group: “My eyes are set on the first place”

Yesterday we had our first clashes in the Streamer Showdown as the Swedish group was played out. The 25-year old FIFA streamer and Youtuber Max “Cactufee” Granberg ended up winning the group in an outstanding fashion. Cactufee powered through his opponents without losing a single game.

– It feels great! I really wanted to qualify for the playoffs and I’m so happy that I did that! Cactufee says in an interview with Streamer Showdown after his games.

The group winner had not played any of his opponents before and wasn’t sure what to expect going into the tournament.

– I always put a lot of pressure on myself though, so my thoughts have been on the playoffs since I got invited to the tournament, Cactufee says.

Cactufee’s toughest opponent proved to be Jonathan “okkajonte1” Lindblom who finished second in the group.

– I feel like we both were nervous but I was just a little more effective in the first match and scored on everything. I won that game with the score 5-1 but the second game was much closer and I only managed to equalize in the 90th minute to get a 1-1 result. I feel like we are both pretty much on the same level.

What are your expectations going into the playoffs?

– As I said before, I often put a lot of pressure on myself, so my eyes are on the first place. I think my chances are pretty good as long as I can keep myself cool and don’t become too nervous.

Do you have anything you want to say to your supporters?

– I just want to say a big thank you to everyone that tuned in to the stream and supported me in every game. It means a lot and I’m so happy that we get to continue this adventure together!

Next country to enter the Streamer Showdown is Norway. The group stage is scheduled for May 20th and you watch the games through the participant’s point-of-view on their personal Twitch channels. Every participant will stream all of their games in their entirety and you will find links to every participant’s Twitch channels here.

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