AlluTuplapisteD wins the Finnish group: "Feels awesome" | Streamer Showdown

AlluTuplapisteD wins the Finnish group: "Feels awesome"

The fourth and last week of group matches have come to an end. After a couple of epic matches, Aleksi “AlluTuplaPisteD” Airamaa managed to finish on top of the Finnish group.

– Finishing on top of a group as tough as this one feels awesome, AlluTuplaPisteD says.

– When I saw the other Finnish participants I knew how incredibly difficult it would be to even make it through to the next round, let alone be number one in the group, so I am quite pleased with my performance, AlluTuplaPisteD says after the games.

Did you expect to make it through to the playoffs?

– I know that at my best I can beat good players but I knew it would take a lot of patience, calmness and luck to make  it through against such good players.

AlluTuplapisteD had an amazing matchup against Santeri “Zanttu22” Harja. Zanttu22 won the first game 6-2, but AlluTuplapisteD managed to switch things up in the second game to split the points.

– Zanttu and I have played against each other quite a lot and I knew he would give me a hard time but he really surprised me in the first leg, AlluTuplaPisteD says.

The 23-year old thinks the playoffs will be an even tougher challenge.

– Playing against JneverL is going to be tough. He gave me a hard time in the group and I had a lot, and I mean a lot, of luck coming out of that matchup as the winner. If I manage to beat him, I’m afraid it wont be getting any easier after that. But let’s just say I am not going to lose without putting up a good fight.

Who do you think will prove the biggest challenge?

– I think every country has tremendous talent and every player who has made it through the group is going to be a tough challenge. But that Danish side scares me, Karabacak and Hoegh are both amazing players.

Is there anything you want to say to your supporters?

– Thanks everyone for the support so far, it is so awesome to see people cheering for me in the chat and celebrating goals with me. I hope to see you all in the quarterfinals, let’s go get it!

Next week the quarter-finals will be played. The matches are scheduled for June 10th and you watch the games through the participant’s point-of-view on their personal Twitch channels. Every participant will stream all of their games in their entirety and you will find links to every participant’s Twitch channels here.

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