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We've collected the best highlights from Streamer Showdown in an epic video.

Mehmet "Karabacak" Karabacak is the winner of Streamer Showdown.

Mehmet "Karabacak" Karabacak proved he is the strongest Danish FIFA streamer in yesterday's quarter finals.

Aleksi “AlluTuplaPisteD” Airamaa came out on top of the Finnish group.

Mehmet "Karabacak" Karabacak won the Danish group in a convincing manner.

The favorite came out on top of the Norwegian group.

Cactufee is the winner of the Swedish group in Streamer Showdown.

It all started in 1993 with the release of FIFA International Soccer. The first game in the FIFA series. Now, ...

Streamer Showdown is bringing you the biggest FIFA 21 battle between our most popular influencers in the Nordics.