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Streamer Showdown 2021

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Streamer Showdown

The biggest esport battle between our most popular influencers in the Nordics where they compete for the prize pool of 25 000 SEK. 


Streamer Showdown May 13 - June 16th

The tournament where you get to see the biggest streamers compete in FIFA 21 for the honorary title.

1st price SEK 13 337 SEK
2nd price 6000 SEK
3rd price 3500 SEK
4th price 2000 SEK

And the winners will also get exclusive shaving products from Gillette!

You can follow all matches in each streamers twitch channel.


We've collected the best highlights from Streamer Showdown in an epic video.

Mehmet "Karabacak" Karabacak is the winner of Streamer Showdown.

Mehmet "Karabacak" Karabacak proved he is the strongest Danish FIFA streamer in yesterday's quarter finals.